Regime at UP as of 25 November: classes, exams, dormitories, students assigned to work duty, etc.

Wednesday 25 November 2020, 12:16

As of 16 November, the coronavirus situation in the Czech Republic is being managed under a 5-level anti-epidemic system (known as “PES”). Based on the government decision of 20 November, as of 25 November the regime at UP will partially allow the return of teaching in person. Details are below.

Classes, exams, praxis

As of 25 November, the partial return of teaching in person will return to UP. In addition to the already valid exceptions for students of medicine, healthcare fields, pharmacy, and education, in-person teaching can also now partially take place for graduating and doctoral students.

At present the following are possible:

  1. Clinical and practical teaching and praxis for students studying programmes in the following educational fields: 35 – General Medicine and Dentistry, 36 – Healthcare fields, and 8 – Pharmacy, and also students required to do their praxis in nursery, elementary, and middle schools and high schools.
  2. Practical/laboratory, experimental/artistic teaching/training for graduating students in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes, 20 students max. in a group (this also applies to individual praxis in laboratories for the purpose of completing Bachelor’s and Master’s theses).
  3. Carrying out of individual study plans within doctoral studies, regardless of student year.
  4. Attending individual consultations, clinical stays and internships, reopening and the use of sporting facilities intended for teaching.

For those students to whom the above do not apply, their physical presence at the university is still banned, with the exception of individual consultations and/or visits to the library to pick up books. Exams are however allowed, up to a limit of 10 persons or less.

Dormitories, dining halls

According to the government decree, as of 25 November, the following students are allowed at dormitories:

  • students who will take part in the above-mentioned lessons/training at UP (under “Teaching, exams, internships/praxis),
  • students who have been assigned to duty by the government (see below),
  • students for whom the university dormitory is their legal residence according to Article 80, paragraph 1, of Law No. 89/2012 Czech Law Coll., for which the student must substantiate that fact by providing a formal declaration given to their dormitory representative,
  • students who are working at UP (for example, PhD. students),
  • international students,
  • students who are currently in mandatory quarantine or isolation.

Dining halls are closed to the public from 14 October; only UP employees and students will be allowed in during that time. Stricter hygienic and other measures are in effect at dining halls according to the current Czech Government measures.

Students assigned to work duty

With respect to exposure in the current situation and the lack of personnel in medical and social facilities, the following classes of UP students will be assigned to work duty:

  • fourth- and fifth-year full-time students of General Medicine,
  • fifth-year full-time students of Dentistry,
  • fifth-year full-time students of Pharmacy,
  • full-time students in their final years of Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes of non-medical healthcare professions according to Law No. 96/2004 Czech Law Coll.,
  • full-time students in their final years of single-major Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in psychology,
  • all full-time students in Master’s healthcare and psychology programmes
    (details are available on the Czech Government page,
  • full-time students in social work, social politics, social education, social care, social pathology, and special education (details at, in Czech).

These students may remain in the dormitories and wait for their possible assignments to work in healthcare and/or social facilities.

The list of all students able to be assigned to work was sent by UP to the President of the Olomouc Region on 13 October.


Working from home. Individual faculties, or the heads of workplaces at individual university units, will establish their own regimes for employees being present in offices or possibly working from home. More detailed information will be published in the days to come on the page.

Laboratories, research. The current measures allow the individual presence of graduating and doctoral students in university labs and elsewhere for the purpose of research (e.g. carrying out experiments, necessary measurements for theses, and other technical work).

Consultations. Individual consultations between students and teachers can take place in person as of 25 November. It is necessary, however, to arrange this with teachers in advance.