Updated: Palacký University will reopen for graduating students (Bc., Mgr., PhD.)

Friday 17 April 2020, 11:25

Updated on 17 April 2020: Reopening of Palacký University for the purpose of consultations, works in laboratories or state degree exam applies to students in their final years of Bachelor’s and Master’s studies and to students in their final years of doctoral studies, too.

Based upon new shifts in strategy by the Government of the Czech Republic as of 14 April 2020 in conjunction with the declared State of Emergency and the measures to prevent the spread of the new type of coronavirus, as of 20 April 2020 the premises of Palacký University will be reopened to a limited extent, and solely for graduating students.

Students finishing their Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral studies, despite the closing of classes, will thus be able to come for consultations with their teachers and thesis advisors, enter laboratories to finish their research, and also go the library to borrow books. They will also be able to attend state degree exams. Each of these activities is nevertheless limited to the presence of a maximum of five persons at the same time, while adhering to rules already in place (two metres’ distance from one another, covering breathing passages with a face mask, etc.). If it is not possible to keep within these limits and requirements, all teaching activities (lectures, exams, credit tests, etc.) will continue to take place only remotely and via on-line form until further notice.

The individual faculties and departments will make the decisions on the reopening of their doors regarding exams, lab work, etc. – all dependent upon prior agreement between the student and their teachers.

Nothing has changed regarding the status of students not in their final years of their degree programmes, including the ban on physical classes. Their presence at the university is still prohibited, and only on-line classes are permitted at this time, until further notice. In their cases tests, exams, credit tests and satisfying other study requirements will continue to take place on-line.

In conjunction with the partial reopening of the university, the possibilities for foreign students to finish their study requirements within their exchange programmes are being discussed by the Czech Ministries of Education and the Interior, as well as rectors of individual universities. More information will be forthcoming in the next few days.